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Our Family

Mr & Mrs Accountancy firm features two generations of the Yorkshire-born Szczepanski (pronounced ‘Che-Panski’) family.

Jan (Mr Accountant)

A chartered accountant (with a law degree, MBA and personal finance qualification) is the head of the family with over 30 years experience. As a result he leads on the firm’s business mentoring services, sharing wisdom, experience and guidance to make sure you avoid the pitfalls, seize the best opportunities and make the most of your finances.

  • Pet likes: Drum and bass and all types of dance music, choral and folk music too, together with wines for contemplation and a pint of ale

  • Pet dislikes: Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds United & West Ham United (Carlos Tevez is ok!). People condemning others for wanting to reduce their tax bills legally.

  • Away from work:  A keen Sheffield United fan…..

  • Key achievement: hammering a six inch nail in 3 blows! A master export packing case assembler...

Christine (Mrs Accountant)

Jan's wife is also a Chartered Accountant and supervises accounts, VAT, bookkeeping and payroll services, bookkeeping training and mentoring. 

  • Pet likes: Being away on the North York Moors

  • Pet dislikes: The cat from next door sleeping overnight in our house and wailing outside our bedroom in the middle of the night.

  • Away from work: Cross stich, playing the piano, yoga and reading


Yet another Chartered Accountant. (And is also Jan’s daughter). Marie specialises in tax and more complicated accounts jobs and looks after most of our creative clients

  • Pet likes: Formula 1. Nail polish, even if I’m not good at applying it.

  • Pet dislikes: Chipped nail polish!! Being cold. Drivers who insist on driving too close behind, coming around corners on the wrong side of the road or driving slowly for no reason.

  • Away from work: In my spare time I enjoy using Photoshop, photography and web design


Is Jan's son, is Wakefield born and bred, and has just passed his final Chartered Accountant exams (yes another one!).

  • Pet likes: Warm sunny days, pizza and flip-flops

  • Pet dislikes: Cloudy days, the results of eating too much pizza and thick bulky socks

  • Away from work: Training for Triathlons and Mud-Runs, long walks & adventuring, while also geeking out on home automation