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Starting Up Your Business

We hold your hand through starting up your business giving you peace of mind, minimising your tax, saving time and getting control over the whole start up process so you can concentrate on growing your business. 

We have the answers to your questions. Why not give us a call to arrange a meeting to go through the 10 steps and questions that start up businesses commonly ask us…… We’ve helped hundred’s of start up businesses already.

The Challenge


Starting up your own new PR business – where do you start?   Firstly how can I ensure I have enough money to live on? Then what things do I need to register? How can I make sure my business records are adequate so I get no questions from the taxman? Also how make sure I don’t pay more tax than I need to? How can I make sure everything is done when it should be? How can I have enough time for all this? What is a limited company and when is my tax due (and how much)? The questions are endless.

It’s not surprising it seems a complete muddle.   Jason wanted to know in particular if he could supplement his income with tax credits, what needed to be registered and when, further what records he needed. He also wanted to make sure he didn’t pay too much tax. He wanted to understand limited companies better too as he had heard that this is what he needed to set up. Finally he wanted an estimate of his tax due.

The Mr & Mrs Accountant Solution


We helped Jason to successfully set up his business, ensuring everything was registered and filed when it should have been. Jason supplemented his very low income in his year with tax credits, he runs his own bookkeeping system knowing how and when money can be taken out of the limited company and he saved money for his anticipated tax bill. From his online bookkeeping he knows how the business is doing (with our help!).

Peace of mind!


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