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Using new technology to supercharge your business growth

Modern solutions to old problems


The beauty of new cloud IT solutions is the way they can be integrated together to share information, and work together to make them more powerful and save any time double keying information.

The only problem is finding the right option that not only integrates with the other software you'll be using, but also fits in with your business.

Thankfully, at Mr & Mrs Accountant we've made the future success of your business, our business, and we like to keep up with all those latest online trends


If you want to drop in for a chat and a biscuit, we're more than happy to discuss with you all the other ways we think your business can benefit from the latest cloud solutions.

In the meantime, we'll leave you with a few samples of the different systems available, and importantly they all integrate together, helping you revolutionise your business performance.

Project Management

Wanting to improve the profitability of your projects - save you and your staff time and automate the way your business operates? Then look no further than the plethora of options for your project management. In fact, there's so many it can be hard to pick any out, which is why we've gone to the effort of picking out our three favourites.


If you want a system that can chew through your calendars, time, quotes, purchasing, project management, act as a CRM, sales invoicing and report on profitability on each and every project, then you want to look at Streamtime. We've been so impressed by Streamtime, we've arranged a special deal where if you mention Mr &  Mrs Accountant when you get in touch with them, the nice folk at Streamtime will give you a free 16GB WIFI iPad Mini with every 12 month prepaid subscription of 8 users or more). If you've got less than 8 users, don't worry as they will still have preferential rates available if you mention our name.

WorkflowMax & Harvest

We've also tried and tested WorkflowMax & Harvest for you, and they both do an excellent job of Project Management for you, giving you all the information you need to run your practice efficiently and smoothly. They don't have quite as many features as Streamtime, but importantly they all integrate with other software such as Xero, which means you can use other software to make sure you don't miss out on any features.

Payments & Cashflow Management

Strong cashflow management can be critical in any growing business, so it's important you always stay on the front foot at all times, to avoid leaving your business short.


GoCardless is the UK's number one Direct Debit provider, and with good reason. By signing up your customers to direct debit you can increase your security over getting paid.

Debtor Daddy

Fast and easy credit control guaranteed - cut the time you spend invoicing and improve the speed in which you are paid.


Vend provides on & offline point of sales services, as well as inventory management

Project Approval

Strongly defined project approval at each stage removes the risk of the customer going back and trying to change anything already agreed, with that in mind it makes sense to implement e-signatures such as Rightsignature to automate the process for you.

CRM and Email Marketing

If you're not using a CRM system, you're missing out. There's no better and easier way to automate your sales pipeline, keep an eye on what your sales team are doing and make sure you're in contact with the people you need to be speaking to. As for the email marketing, by doing this you're guaranteeing you stay high in the consciousness of those other businesses you'd really like as your customer.

For one do it all system you should look no further than the big beast that is Infusionsoft. However, it's not to everyone's budget, therefore we'd also recommend CapsuleCRM and Mailchimp that play nicely together to automate your marketing communications.

Appointment Management

If you run a business that relies on customers booking appointments, then you need to be using software such as Timely. Timely will manage your calendar on any device, allowing customers to make their own bookings and automate the sending out of reminders so that they won't end up missing their appointment.

Beyond these, there's even more options you can use to grow your business further. We've not mentioned anything like inventory control, ecommerce shopping or point of sale, which also have great solutions available. We'd be more than happy to chat with you about any problems or inefficiencies in your business that you'd like solving.