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The 10 most common mistakes made by creative businesses when it comes to managing their business

Here at Mr&Mrs Accountant we found a lot of great talented people doing great things in their work - but when it comes to running their businesses they are making schoolboy errors.

  1. Not getting paid up front - or at least on quick payment terms. Does the whole world wait until you get paid before they start asking for their money? No. So why make it hard for yourself.

  2. Not manage their WIP (work in progress) – how much work do you have that is currently half or partially baked? Are projects running to time? What’s the implication for future cashflow?

  3. Not keeping their bookkeeping up to date. You don’t go around using a mobile phone that’s more than 5 years old. You shouldn’t let your bookkeeping get behind.

  4. Not being aware of their figures. What is your break-even line or waterline for financial survival - or are you sinking in your business? Don’t wait until you’re drowning until to find out.

  5. Not having a plan for their future. As the song goes, if you don’t have a dream, how are you going to make your dream come true?

  6. Not being focussed on what matters. If I had a penny for every time you got distracted, I wish I had a puppy!   

  7. Poor time management. Time is not just money. It’s opportunity cost. Every hour wasted could have been doing something more profitable.

  8. Not delegating. The only thing you can do by yourself is drive you or your business to an early grave.

  9. Not involving their team. If you have a dog, let it bark - and do the sniffing for you.

  10. Not asking enough questions about their finances. What does your business need to earn each hour to survive. There’s loads more questions like that.

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Created by Jan Szczepanski, Mr Accountant & Andy Green, Green PR

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