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The Mr&Mrs 3 Question Interview with Andrew Firth of Ascensor

Andrew Firth - Ascensor Limited

Andrew Firth is owner of Ascensor one of Yorkshire's leading digital agencies, providing website development and marketing to businesses across the UK.

Ascensor, based at Birstall, was formed in 2007 by Andrew Firth and Stuart Holdsworth, a year after they formed a successful online retail business that sells gifts and gadgets, distributed from their 5,000’ warehouse.

Having developed all technologies both front and back-office the pair created Ascensor to resell technologies and experience to businesses across other sectors.

Ascensor have a wealth of experience in developing online solutions in the retail, property and financial sectors and also support many local charities with heavily subsidised or pro-bono projects.

Andrew is passionate about business and how the internet can deliver business growth through new and evolving online technologies.

Andrew writes a monthly column in both the Dewsbury Press and the Huddersfield Examiner to provide digital information to other business owners. 

We ask Andrew Firth our 3 Questions:

1 Why did you first start in business?  

After gaining my MBA whilst working as a manager in an engineering firm I was keen to use my qualifications to the full. Unfortunately the engineering firm, at the time, didn’t resonate with my passion for marketing, staff engagement and all of the other areas of business that I was excited about and I left to join a small design and print company. Over the next five years, ultimately as Managing Director, we grew that business significantly. We heavily embraced online technologies, developing solutions for clients and also building up our own successful wholesale and online retail business. The next logical step was to start out on my own to do it again for myself and I’ve never looked back.

2 What are your biggest business challenges?  

The old adage is so true, it is so important to manage cash-flow. As costs increase with sales, as projects get bigger and take longer to deliver and as the wages bill increases, on paper the figures can look excellent but that means nothing if the pot is empty. Very successful businesses fail because they don’t have working capital and when we first started out we gave as much credit as we could and our debtor days were far too high. Over the years we have had to get more and more focussed on structured payments around deliverables, setting milestones for interim payments and managing our debtor days down.

3 What do you like most about what you do?  

My main focus with Ascensor is working with our clients to help them to grow their businesses using the internet. I have grown to love the power of marketing, I am still very involved in the marketing of Ascensor, but most of all I love helping our clients to see ways of marketing their business, product or service on the internet and seeing the return on investment in quantifiable amounts.  

Thank you very much for your time Andrew! We hope you enjoyed answering our questions. If you want to get in touch you can find Andrew and Ascensor on Twitter @andrewjfirth and @ascensor

If you want to answer our 3 Questions please get in touch! You can find the other 3 Questions interviews in our blog.

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