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The Mr&Mrs 3 Question Interview with Julia Ruane of ChiCho Marketing

Julia Ruane - ChiCho Marketing

Julia Ruane has fought a desire to become a maths teacher for over 15 years and instead has run communications campaigns for everyone, from government departments and PLCs to small businesses and start ups.  

After taking an unusual route into communications (Julia gained her degree in Maths from Bristol University, where the only options open to students were teaching, accountancy and tax) Julia has worked with brands across the world to grow and attract new customers.  

This has led to a lot of international travel, from Hong Kong to Las Vegas, and has left Julia with a strong desire to stay put in Yorkshire for as long as possible so she actually gets to see her little girl grow up.  

Julia set up ChiCho Marketing in 2011, with a view to help small business and start ups take advantage of the marketing tools available to them to grow their business.   

Her approach is one that strongly brings together logical thought with creative input. And her no-nonsense, jargon free approach certainly goes down well in Yorkshire. 

We ask Julia Ruane of ChiCho Marketing our 3 Questions:  

1 Why did you first start in business?  

I’d always had a hankering for running and owning my own company. I’m always setting myself new challenges and being wholly responsible for every aspect of a company appealed to me.  Saying that, if I’d known how much hard work it takes I probably wouldn’t have done it! But hard work does reap rewards and the massive learning curve I took has been worth it.  One of the key tenets behind what we do at ChiCho is to help other small businesses and start ups to avoid the major pitfalls you often face when starting out in business.  Marketing can be often seen as the last task on the to do list for a business owner but we’d argue, after finance, it’s the most important thing.  It’s no use having the hottest company on the block if no-one knows about you.  It can be easy to get lost in the variety of marketing tools out there as well.  Our focus is on guiding each company through the maze so that they choose the right approach for them.

2 What are your biggest business challenges?  

Time! I have a dreadful habit of over-servicing as I’m a perfectionist that wants everything to be right.  We also operate in a very competitive market, so we have to make time to market ourselves properly, not just our clients.  But clients have always come first!

3 What do you like most about what you do?  

Without doubt it’s seeing the light come on in people’s eyes when they see what the right marketing mix can do for them.  We meet a lot of people who are worried that they haven’t got the right (or any!) marketing strategy in place.  Sometimes they are already doing the right thing. Other times it’s a case of showing them what tools are best for them and why, and then helping them to do it. That’s the part I love – being part of a team, working together to help someone achieve their dreams.

Thank you very much for your time Julia! We hope you enjoyed answering our questions. If you want to get in touch you can find Julia on Twitter @chichomarketing

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