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7 tips for helping you choose the right accountant for your creative business

Here at Mr&Mrs Accountant we come across a lot of great talented people doing great things in their work - but they need to make sure they surround themselves with the right business partners. Here’s our list of 7 things you need to look out for when choosing the right accountant for your business.

  1. Are they internet-savvy? Seems a bit obvious but not always the case when you find yourself working with someone who is out of step with you in using digital technology. The more aligned you are, the better you can work together.

  2. Can they help plan your future? Are you managing your business like someone trying to drive a car using just the rear mirror?

  3. Do they care? Yes. Do they care about your future success? This is important when you are wanting someone to go the extra yard when you need them to.

  4. Are they experienced? Can they predict your next big mistake?

  5. Will they look at your financial picture? Are you just getting details or a useful map to guide the direction of your business?

  6. Do they help you understand your numbers? For many in business their skill is in delivering their service. But you need a handle on the numbers otherwise the whole thing can fall away from you. This is where having a business partner to you rather than just a number carrier is important.

  7. Do they always offer more? Going beyond the expected means more for your business.

If you are a Mr&Mrs Accountant client the door is always open.  

If you are not a Mr&Mrs Accountant client join the successful creative businesses that are growing faster thanks to having the right business partner working alongside them.  

Created by Jan Szczepanski, Mr Accountant & Andy Green, Green PR

by Jan Szczepanski - Mr Accountant

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