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Cognitiv Gears up for Launch

Cognitiv is the new industry group promoting Creative, Digital & IT in Wakefield

Mr & Mrs Accountant is both excited and proud to bring your attention to the upcoming launch of Cognitiv, the Wakefield based industry & community group promoting Creative, Digital & IT.

In the words of Cognitiv, "Cognitiv is a new voice for creative, digital & IT in Wakefield. Together we will foster collaboration, represent your interests and promote our sector"

Why Join?

  • Collaborate - Meet and share ideas, knowledge and opportunities with other like minded people at the formal and informal events

  • Be connected - Promote your business on the members directory

  • Recruit - Receive discounts on posting vacancies on the job board

  • Be represented - Cognitiv will work on your behalf to lobby on the issues that affect you, such as skills and infrastructure

  • Promote - share your news and Cognitiv will promote it on their blog, newsletters and social media

  • Save - in the future Cognitiv will be working with partners to secure discounts on products and services

If you want further information, you can download the e-flyer here.

I'm proud to have been involved in the launch of Cognitiv, and I believe we are witnessing the start of something really special for the local area. I've witnessed the passion that the guys founding this group have had towards making this work, and I know we can achieve so much more working together than we can working alone.

I really hope to see you there at the launch event, you can sign up now at the website, and come say hello to me on the evening.


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