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Business Lessons from The Walking Dead

Don't let your business rot, read our guide on how to avoid your business becoming one of The Walking Dead

Hello and welcome to Business Lessons from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is set in a world where an unknown plague has gripped the planet, turning most people into zombies, with only a few people left alive. Surviving is a constant threat for those left alive in an ever changing environment. . You can catch up on my previous entries in the series here, and avoid becoming one of Britain's zombie companies.

Don't let the bad days get you down

The latest episode After was a great comeback for The Walking Dead after its mid-season break, which followed the initial after effects of the prison collapse for Rick & Carl, and also Michonne. They'd all had a seriously bad day, Rick's prison utopia had been smashed to hell and back, and they were out on their own just fighting to stay alive again.

Everyone has bad days, and in a metaphorical sense you may find yourself in a situation where life has driven a tank through all your plans, leaving them in pieces. What do you do?

'I will not lose for even in defeat is a valuable lesson learned which evens it up for me'


An athlete on an almost day to day basis has face up to their current abilities and get hard facts on how they are doing. A good athlete knows however, that everyone has bad days. They never judge their performance on a one off session though, they judge themselves over rolling 6 weeks periods. A bad day is no problem when they get out of bed the next day with an enthusiasm to put things right.

That is what we all have to do, the best way to answer a bad day is to come out punching. We can glean all the knowledge and learning we can from what has put us down, learn from it and move on. The satisfaction is so much greater in knowing that you really had to work for the success, and come through the darker days.

Unlike Rick, in The Walking Dead, you can get out of the firing line sometimes though. We can all keep coming back for more punches and knock backs, but it wears everyone down eventually. That is why you should always have time off, get away from things and recharge those batteries so that you're ready to go again.

If you're concerned about finding solutions to the problems at your business, then drop us a line and we can arrange a chat to discuss your options.

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski, Master Accountant.

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