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Business Lessons from The Walking Dead

Don't let your business rot, read our guide on how to avoid your business becoming one of The Walking Dead

Hello and welcome to Business Lessons from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is set in a world where an unknown plague has gripped the planet, turning most people into zombies, with only a few people left alive. Surviving is a constant threat for those left alive in an ever changing environment. . You can catch up on my previous entries in the series here, and avoid becoming one of Britain's zombie companies.

Differentiate to survive

One thing is clear about the survivors who still continue to cling to life in The Walking Dead, they aren't normal. The average joe is extinct, existing only as the shambling corpse which seeks just to eat the few remaining ones who live. These average joe's didn't do enough to survive, they didn't exhibit the necessary ability to adapt to a changing environment, they didn't stand out and show themselves to have the skill set to survive in a new kind of team existence.

Daryll and Michonne are warriors at heart, able to dice & skewer hundreds of walkers in short order. Rick has the ability to manage and lead. Hershel was able to care for people while Carol was able to provide bonding and education for the children. Meanwhile The Governor provided a dictatorship that provided safety and comfort. These characters differentiated, and thrived - by staying alive.

The average joe is extinct, existing only as a shambling corpse


A business doesn't find itself in an environment too disimilar to a zombie apocalypse, the attrition rate of new businesses is scarily high, and it's up to new businesses to differentiate, and show their potential customers how they offer a better value proposition from their competitors. Whether you stand out through because you're strategically competitive, operationally competitive or price competitive, it is important you make clear to your target customers, what it is about your business that makes it better than any other, and why that is important to them.

If you need help differentiating your business, or are concerned about your performance, then drop us a line and we can arrange a chat to discuss your options.

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski, Master Accountant.

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