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Why Mr & Mrs Accountant?

I was driving back from a client in East Ardsley near Wakefield when I saw a trade sign on the side of the road advertising a business called Taylor and Son and I suddenly thought you never get a Mr & Mrs Accountant. Why was that? Doesn’t anyone want to be called ‘Mr Accountant’? Does it sound absurd? Of course tailors were around a few centuries ago; maybe that’s it, accountancy is a recent trade.  

Anyway, I thought what a great name for an accountancy business and told my friend and brand mentor Andy Green who I was discussing future brand strategy with.  

He thought it was brilliant business name. Over the weekend he came up with the brand idea and suggested his talented nephew painted us in the classic ‘American Gothic’ style pose.  

We knew Mr&MrsAccountant was going to be a family business with niches for creative types and also for family businesses.  

We feel we have something different to offer.  

We really enjoy working on the internet building close relationships with our clients.  

We have all four family members involved in the business we love. We have lots of young clients - and a few with some miles on the clock!  

We have extensive experience of working with creative people as clients and we understand their business problems.  

Above all, we want to make a difference and help your life be a success whether through our finance skills or in any other way.

We will love to hear from you - and be the best business partner we can to your business  

Jan Szczepanski (pronounced ‘Che-panski’)  

Mr Accountant

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