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The Zen Accountant

What's driving your success?

Hello and welcome to the third part in my series of blogs on helping you take a step back and focus on the bigger picture in your life and in your business.

If you missed it, in the last part I discussed the importance of identifying what your goals are in life first, and then letting how you define your business success flowing through from these, before finally grading three key high level questions on what's important and where you are now.

Today, I promised to look at some of the key drivers to future success.

Drive your business forward

There's really only three or four things that are fundamental to your business success: growth, performance and people.

These, are of course fairly broad headings, and it's important to breakdown and grade a few more detailed issues on a scale of 1-10, for how important they are to your business success:


1) Clear and focused marketing strategy

2) Successful pricing policies

3) Successful sales approach


1) Effective customer retention policies

2) Effective purchasing methods

3) Efficient production processes

4) Sound cash flow management

5) Efficient management information systems and key performance monitoring


1) Successful staff retention and training systems

2) Appropriate management structures and roles

3) Innovative approaches to improvement in all areas of your business

Now that you've identified what is most important to your business, you should have a much clearer focus on what areas to tackle first, and what you want to change most urgently about your business. Of course, there's a large distinction between identifying what the issues are, and producing a step by step plan of action for instigating these changes. With that in mind, in the next blog I'll show you a Zen approach on managing high level projects and getting them done.

If this blog has made you think of anything you'd like to chat about in the meantime, then just drop us an e-mail at friends@mrandmrsaccountant, or give us a ring on 01924 666432, and I'd be happy to discuss anything that's on your mind and help you identify the best steps forward.

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski, Master Accountant.

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