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Business Lessons from The Walking Dead

Don't let your business rot, read our guide on how to avoid your business becoming one of The Walking Dead

Hello and welcome to Business Lessons from The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is set in a world where an unknown plague has gripped the planet, turning most people into zombies, with only a few people left alive. Surviving is a constant threat for those left alive in an ever changing environment. . You can catch up on my previous entries in the series here, and avoid becoming one of Britain's zombie companies.

Pit stop pessimism

Isolation found the camp in somewhat sombre mood, as disease was working it's way through almost all who had been exposed, and with no current cure to stop a sad decline into death.

Characters such as Tyreese, Maggie & Rick seemed to be left almost unable to do anything as they struggled to come to terms with the situation the camp finds itself in. The episodes stronger characters came in those that had looked over the problems that they faced, but immediately set about going over the course of actions that were needed in order to give them the strongest chance of survival. Indeed, Hershel's speech over how he must enter the quarantine in order to help the sick was the greatest example of someone who was prepared to face the situation head on, because if no one else survived then he wouldn't have kept himself alive for anything worthwhile.

This kind of approach is an example of what Andy Green has dubbed 'Pit Stop Pessimism'  - a quick check of all the negatives and challenges that you are faced with, then quickly move on by identifying the solutions and new positive opportunities they bring. This way you are able to avoid getting bogged down into a permanently negative mindset, that will stop you achieving your goals.

That is why it is important to have someone, or a team of people, who are there to help you with your important decisions.
Give your business the fresh rubber it needs to race to the front

Of course, it's not always easy to identify the correct course of action after you've identified the problem. Just as Carol took the decision to burn the bodies of the diseased, there may not be a definitively right answer, but there will be a one that is right for you (and Tyreese certainly found Carol's decision to be wrong).

That is why it is important to have someone, or a team of people, who are there to help you with your important decisions. Who you can talk through your problems with and help understand what is the right course of action for you, and give you the sense of positive affirmation that you are on the course to success. At Mr & Mrs Accountant we have a great book of contacts that we can hook you up with to put you in touch with experts who can give you the advice and time you need.

If you fancy a chat about your business, are planning a major project or just like the sound of having better control over your business, then drop us a line and we can arrange a chat to discuss your options. If you'd like to find out more about Andy Green and his pit stop pessimism then you can read his Three Question Interview and find the book The Upturn: your part in it's rise here

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski, Master Accountant

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