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Hello and welcome to the first of my many blogs for Mr & Mrs Accountant.

It wasn't difficult to choose the subject of my first blog, because Wakefield and Yorkshire are two places that are extremely important to me. In my opinion, we have the perfect mix of green grassy areas like Pugneys & Thornes Park in Wakefield, and having all the facilities of modern day Britain; like good internet, accessible shopping areas and places to eat and have fun.

I've lived here almost all my life, apart from a few years in Manchester for University, but at least I didn't leave the North! I'm proud to say I'm Yorkshire through and through, and that applies to all of us at Mr & Mrs Accountant.

The creative service economy will probably be the most important area of the economic recovery

Helping Local Businesses

That passion is why, as accountants, we are driven to help businesses in Yorkshire achieve their potential. Without wishing to bang our drum too hard (that's what testimonials are for), a good accountant is worth their weight in gold; we help minimise tax fairly, optimise cash flow, help enable your growth ambitions and provide the support on your financial figures required to identify areas on cutting costs. This is all vital stuff while you're walking the difficult, but worthwhile, road of running your own business.

We're also pretty enthusiastic about serving the 'creative type' businesses, something we may have mentioned before.  In the years to come, the creative service economy will probably be the most important area of the economic recovery, and anything we can do to help position Yorkshire as a leading area in this is not only a benefit to you, but a benefit to us too. Working together we are sure that we can help each other reach our goals.

If you believe in that, or just think we're on your side to help you maximise your businesses potential then please get in touch and we'd be delighted to discuss what we can offer you.

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski - Master Accountant.

For my first series of blogs please see my series of 'Lessons from Game of Thrones'.

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