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Why Creative Businesses

In my last blog Serving Wakefield and Yorkshire I briefly mentioned that we are pretty enthusiastic about serving the creative industries, and I thought the creative industry would be at the heart of any long-term economic recovery.

Our digital economy is continuing to grow and grow, hence the appetite for faster and more widely available internet speeds. The service sector will carry on outstripping the growth in the manufacturing sector, with a growing focus on how we can help each other, rather than what we can build each other.

As a younger team than what you get from a more traditional accountant, we see ourselves as part of the digital revolution that is taking over our economy, and deeply passionate about this area being a leading light in this. We've all got an interest in the creative industries, for example Marie has a degree in Multimedia Design and I've got a hands on interest in building computers, Raspberry Pi's and the growing area of home automation.

Not only that, but as a more recent start-up ourselves, our growth has been largely based around a large bulk of creative type industries, giving us a vast level of experience in knowing what makes these succeed and what makes them fail, so we can help let you know where you're going wrong and how to put you on the road to success.

We can help let you know where you're going wrong and how to put you on the road to success.

What We Offer

On top of that vast level of experience, we also offer a new age of accounting experience, that helps tie us closer to our customers more so than has ever been possible before; fostering improved communication, knowledge and saving time, helping you more than ever before to achieve your business goals.

Without going into a full list of what we can offer, the kind of opportunities we are talking about includes using online bookkeeping packages such as Xero or Clear Books, that gives us and you real time access to your business performance and position. We also have opportunities for Financial Controller meetings via Google Hangouts, allowing you to have a video recording of the meeting discussing your business, to refer back to in the future and help take your business to the next level.

The scope for these kind of services is almost limitless, and we are excited to be at the fore-front of accountants offering you this service to help give you a better experience with an accountant than has ever been possible before.

Thanks for reading, I'm Thomas Szczepanski - Master Accountant.

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