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February 4, 2014A Problem SharedJan's BlogIt’s lonely at the top. You’re expected to know all the answers and make the best decisions for your team. You know ultimately, the buck stops with y
January 21, 2014Help I’m running out of cash!Jan's BlogHow 2 things can help you cope with your worst business nightmares
January 16, 2014The Magnificent 7 Questions to Keeping Control of your Personal FinancesJan's BlogFew of us keep a regular eye on our personal finances – our financial well-being and standing. Here’s our key areas I recommend you should be watching
October 31, 2013The loneliness of the long distance Managing DirectorJan's BlogIt’s not only tough at the top - but can also be a lonely place as well.
October 24, 2013Want to raise some finance? Why make it harder for yourself?Jan's BlogThe ABC step guide to raising finance
October 9, 2013Start with WhyJan's BlogWhat is your purpose? What is your ‘why?’ In his latest blog Jan shares his purpose and reason for being in business. What is yours?
October 3, 20137 Tips for Helping You Choose the Right AccountantJan's Blog7 tips for helping you choose the right accountant for your creative business
September 25, 2013The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Creative BusinessesJan's BlogThe 10 most common mistakes made by creative businesses when it comes to managing their business
September 18, 2013Your financial numbers are your storyJan's BlogYour financial numbers are your story – if that isn’t great why not create a happier story by planning your future?
September 11, 2013Live Your DreamJan's BlogStarting up a business? Is it hard? Yes. Is it fulfilling? Yes! Live your dream
August 9, 2013Starting up a business. Don’t give up! Build bounceabackability……Jan's BlogWhen I originally started my own business back in 2005 I thought I was going to conquer the world and build a big business quickly. Well it wasn’t
August 2, 2013Make giving part of your business modelJan's BlogIn running a business you need to make every penny count. But did you realise that you need to consider giving stuff away should be part of your bu
July 31, 2013Why Mr & Mrs Accountant?Jan's BlogI was driving back from a client in East Ardsley near Wakefield when I saw a trade sign on the side of the road advertising a business called Taylor a